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Control your gear

StudioWare for Cakewalk music production software provides direct access to your music gear hardware for fast and in-depth control right from your computer.
StudioWare is software interface panels that run inside Cakewalk and communicate with external MIDI devices such as synthesizers and samplers.

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! StudioWare is unsupported legacy software.
It is available for download only without technical support.


LCS specializes in and recommends Roland musical instruments, so all of the StudioWare panels created by LCS are for Roland hardware or standard MIDI.

The following StudioWare Panels are available for download.

Note: Some of these panel screenshots have been resized to fit this page.

Roland A-70
Roland A-70 Expandable Controller: System Panel
Roland DEP-3
Roland DEP-3 Digital Effects Processor: Control Panel
Roland JV-XP
Roland JV/XP Series Synthesizer: Performance Mode CC Mixer Panel
Roland JV-XP
Roland JV/XP Series Synthesizer: Performance Chorus/Reverb Panel
Roland JV-XP
Roland JV/XP Series Synthesizer: Performance Chorus/Reverb Panel MkII
Roland JV-XP
Roland JV/XP Series Synthesizer: Performance Part Panel
Roland M-Series
Roland M-Series Sound Expansion Synthesizer: Performance Panel
Roland S-10
Roland S-10 Sampler: Performance Panel
Roland SCC-1
Roland SCC-1 Synthesizer: FX Panel
Roland SCC-1
Roland SCC-1 Synthesizer: Mixer Panel
Roland SCC-1
Roland SCC-1 Synthesizer: Part RX Panel
CC Mixer
Standard MIDI CC (Control Change) Message Mixer Panel
Standard MIDI Drumpad Panel

Note: These StudioWare panels were developed a number of years ago and are no longer supported by LCS.  However, LCS does retain all copyright and license rights.

System Requirements

- Cakewalk music software version 6 or newer


Please read this license agreement fully.  If you do not agree with the license then do not download the product.  This license can also be viewed in the product readme file, product documentation, or on its help menu if applicable.

Product License Agreement

By using this product you agree to all of the conditions set forth in this license agreement.
If you disagree with one or more conditions set forth in this license agreement you must discontinue use of this software immediately.

This license grants you an indefinite non-exclusive use of this product for personal or commercial use.  No fee or cost or obligation is required for personal or commercial use.
For commercial use it is requested that you credit LCS in your product similar to 'Tools by Li'l Chips Systems'.

This product including any documentation and files is provided without any warranty of any kind.  You, the end user, assume all responsibility for your use of this product.  LCS is not accountable for any data loss or other losses incurred by your use, misuse or inability to use this product.

You may not sell this product. You may not place this product on web sites for download. You may not distribute this product by any other means including torrents or downloads, or on distributable media including disks or cds. You may not bundle this product with other products for any form of distribution.

You may not reverse-engineer or disassemble or create derivitive works based on this product or use portions of this product for a template.  LCS retains all rights and copyrights and trademark rights to this product. LCS owns all copies of this product.

This computer product is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this product, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.


By clicking on the link to download the file you are agreeing to the license above.
This file is in Zip format and can be extracted with Windows Explorer or WinZip.

   Download Size: 1.3MB   (1,367,502 bytes)
   File Name:   (Zip 2.0 compatible)
   Version: 1.0
   Date Published: 2009-07-24 5:18pm  (original panel dates are 1999 to 2000)
   Language: English
. .


Be sure to read the Readme.txt file included in the zip.

1. Download the LCSStudioWare zip file to a temporary folder.
2. Extract all of the StudioWare files from the zip.
3. Copy all of the StudioWare files to the studioware folder for Cakewalk.
4. See your Cakewalk owner's manual for information on using StudioWare.

For additional StudioWare information, see the Cakewalk StudioWare Developer Exchange at

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