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HMCS Windows XP
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HMCS Windows XP
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HMCS Windows XP
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HMCS Windows 2003
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HMCS Windows Vista
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HMCS Windows 7
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Convert heightmap formats with ease

HMCS version 2.0 is the HeightMap Conversion Software that supports conversion between numerous image and heightmap file formats.  HMCS is designed for use with Epic's Unreal Engines in addition to other terrain creation software.

HMCS Version 2

* Windows 7 version shown here


- Supports all OS's from Windows XP to Windows 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit
- Written entirely in Microsoft C dotNet.
- Multi-threading takes advantage of multiple core processors
- Supports heightmaps from 1x1 to 513x513
- Simultaneous Top, Front and 3D Perspective views
- Top view supports automatic grayscale depth coloring
- Top view supports zoom levels of 100% original and full

- Open Windows BMP 8/24-bit image files (uncompressed only)
- Open Epic G16 heightmap files
- Open RAW 16-bit PC/Mac and Signed/Unsigned heightmap files
- Open Terragen terrain files
- Open TIF 8/16/24-bit image files (uncompressed only)

- Save Windows BMP 24-bit image files
- Save Epic G16 heightmap files
- Save RAW 16-bit PC Unsigned heightmap files
- Save Terragen terrain files
- Save TIF 16-bit image files

- Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical
- Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counter-clockwise
- Modify Altitude
- Resample to any size between 1 and 513

System Requirements

- Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, and Windows 7
- Microsoft dotNet 2.0
- Pentium-4 at 2GHz, Core2Duo 3GHz or higher recommended
- 512MB RAM, 2GB RAM or more recommended
- 10MB or more of free hard drive space
- 24-bit or 32-bit color video display at 1024x768 or higher resolution
- keyboard and mouse


Please read this license agreement fully.  If you do not agree with the license then do not download the software.  This license can also be displayed in the software on the Help menu.

Software License Agreement

By using this software you agree to all of the conditions set forth in this license agreement.
If you disagree with one or more conditions set forth in this license agreement you must discontinue use of this software immediately.

This license grants you an indefinite non-exclusive use of this software for personal or commercial use.  No fee or cost or obligation is required for personal or commercial use.
For commercial use it is requested that you credit LCS in your product similar to 'Conversion tools by Li'l Chips Systems'.

This software including any documentation and files is provided without any warranty of any kind.  You, the end user, assume all responsibility for your use of this software.  LCS is not accountable for any data loss or other losses incurred by your use, misuse or inability to use this software.

You may not sell this software. You may not place this software on web sites for download. You may not distribute this software by any other means including torrents or downloads, or on distributable media including disks or cds. You may not bundle this software with other software for any form of distribution.

You may not reverse-engineer or disassemble or create derivitive works based on this software or use portions of this software for a template.  LCS retains all rights and copyrights and trademark rights to this software. LCS owns all copies of this software.

This computer software is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this software, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.


By clicking on the link to download the file you are agreeing to the license above.
This file is in Zip format and can be extracted with Windows Explorer or WinZip.

   Download Size: 114kB   (116,759 bytes)
   File Name:   (Zip 2.0 compatible)
   Version: 2.0.0
   Date Published: 2009-06-26 3:45pm  (date of HMCS.EXE file)
   Language: English
. .


1. Download the HMCS zip file to a temporary folder.
2. Extract the HMCS.exe file from the zip.
3. Create a new folder in the Program Files folder called HMCS2.
4. Copy the HMCS.exe file to this new folder.
5. Right-mouse-drag from the HMCS.exe to the Start menu to create a shortcut.


1. HMCS has not been tested on OS's prior to Windows XP, such as Windows 2000 or 98.  HMCS was not designed to function on these earlier operating systems.

2. HMCS does not make any changes to your computer system, any operating system files, or the registry, and does not save any hidden files or configuration files.  Removing HMCS from your computer is as easy as deleting the .exe file.

3. HMCS automatically determines whether it is running on a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and executes accordingly in full 32-bit or 64-bit mode as noted on its status bar.

4. HMCS will not run without Microsoft dotNet 2.  Windows 2003 and XP require that dotNet be downloaded from Microsoft and installed, in most cases it is already installed with other software on your computer.  dotNet 2 is installed by default on Windows Vista, 2008 and 7, so no additional installation is required on those OS's.

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